Havant and Waterlooville Football Club can confirm this evening that it has received its National League Ordinary Resolution paper.

Attached is a letter we’ve received from  The National League. We have also received a further email from the DCMS confirming that players from step 2 can return to training.

ORDINARY RESOLUTION For Against The National League as a Competition should follow the precedent set by the English Football League in respect of League Two and proceed forthwith on the passing of this resolution to bring its season to an end by compiling final league tables for all divisions. 

Such calculation shall also follow the precedent set by the English Football League and be on an “Unweighted Points Per Game” mathematical basis pursuant to which Champion Clubs of National League, National League North and National League South would be declared, such Champion Clubs to be automatically promoted. In the event of two or more Clubs having identical Unweighted Points Per Game, the highest placed Club shall be decided as stipulated in Membership Rules 12.2.1 to 12.2.5 inclusive. 

The Competition would then proceed to end of season Play-Offs for those Clubs qualifying for the same in accordance with the Competition Rules pursuant to the final league table. Such Play-Offs shall in any event be subject to the Government’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) Guidance on Phased Return of Elite Sport. 

The National League shall remain comprised of 24 Clubs for Season 2020/21 (the “Maximum Number of Step 1 Clubs” for Step 1 of The FA National League System under FA National League System Regulations) and to that end the number of Clubs to be relegated from The National League shall equal the number of Clubs required to maintain the Maximum Number of Step 1 Clubs after any relegation from EFL League Two, promotion to EFL League Two and promotion from North and South.” 

Unweighted Points Per Game” is defined as: 

The method for calculating the final points total of each Club in the Division concerned, calculated in accordance with the following formula, rounding the final points total up to three decimal places: 

PT * LMS = Final Points Total CM Where “PT” means a Club’s points total in the 2019/20 Season at the point when the Competition was suspended on 16 March 2020. 

Where “CM” means the number of Competition Matches a Club has played in the 2019/20 Season at the point the Competition was suspended on 16 March 2020. 

Where “LMS” means the number of Competition Matches originally scheduled to be played by each Club in the 2019/20 Season, being (a) 46 for National League Clubs; and (b) 42 for National League North and national League South Clubs. 

Worked Example: 

Club A is in National League North and has played 32 Competition Matches and has a points total of 43 points. Applying the formula, Club A’s final points tally will be: 

43 * 42 = 56.438 32 


Please read the notes at the end of this document (and the accompanying explanatory notes document) before signifying your agreement to the resolution. 

The undersigned, a person entitled to vote on the resolution on 15 June 2020, hereby irrevocably agrees to the resolution as indicated above: 

Signed by …………………………………………….. 

Date ……………………………………………..