We’ve listened to our supporters’ feedback regarding our Strikers Are Key scheme this season, we do agree the pricing structure needed to be adjusted to make it more affordable.

In light of this, we have revised the pricing structure as follows:

–       £200 per ball

–       £50 added to the pot per goal

–       £100 roll over if the pot isn’t won

–       £500 is put back into the pot when the pot is won

–       £50 voucher for The Westleigh consolation prize

–       Syndicates up to six.

The rules are simple:

There are 50 balls which are priced at £200 a ball. You can purchase a ball with a syndicate of up to six people which is just £33 per person or less than 65p per week. Alternatively, you can purchase one yourself, in pairs, threes, fours, fives or even as a business.

Les Hyson, chairman of Supporters Club, will host the draw with your co-hosts Jamie Collins and Joe Oastler. The balls will be drawn after every 3PM home game at 5.45PM (including Bank Holidays)

Your four nominated strikers are Jason Prior, Danny Wright, Tommy Wright and James Roberts – every time a nominated striker scores a goal in that 3PM home game, the safe will increase by £50 per goal.

The safe starts off with £500 on Saturday, August 20th against Dover Athletic. Every time the safe is unlocked, a new £500 prize pot will be in the safe the following 3PM kick-off.

50 balls will be put into the velvet bag and one ball will be drawn out.

If your ball gets drawn, you will then move onto a bag of six safe keys. You pick a random key – if it’s the correct key to open the safe, you will win the prize pot. If it is the wrong key, you will win a consolation prize of a £50 voucher for The Westleigh. If you are not in attendance when your ball is drawn, Jamie Collins or Joe Oastler will attempt to open the safe on your behalf.

Every week the prize is not won, the prize pot will roll over and a further £100 is added for the next game.

It has to be won!

To purchase a ball, call the office on 02392 787822 or pop in Monday-Friday 10am-3pm.