From the Manager

Havant & Waterlooville boss Paul Doswell reflected on his sides 3-1 triumph at home against Hungerford Town by saying his side were great but should have netted more than five.

“I think we hit some really good levels tonight I’m very, very pleased it was similar to the Dorking Wanderers performance. I have got to give a lot of credit to Hungerford for keeping on going because it was a barrage at one point in the second half, I must have been hard as it was relentless for them.

“If I’ve got a disappointment it’s probably that we should have been up between the fives and sixes in terms of the goals we should have scored. Overall, we had great passing patterns and great movement off the ball.”

Doswell also revealed what the coaching team thought of the team’s performance: “ I think in the main our players were at sevens and eights and there was possibly five or six players that could have hit eights or nines and if you get those types of numbers in your team then you’re going to win lots of football matches.”

The Hawks boss then spoke on the tough fixtures ahead for the club: “We kept it within the camp, but we only had two fit substitutes tonight we lost Alfie Rutherford again after 20 minutes. Ryan Seager comes in too early really; with the lack of minutes he has had this season.

“We didn’t have a lot of choices I thought the 11 that took to the pitch and Ryan (Seager) when he came on were first class and we have got to hope that Roarie Deacon is back fit for Saturday.

“We have had a few issues with injuries, but I think the lads, the starting 11 or 12 who could do something were excellent. There was a lot of good things tonight.

Doswell then went on to talk about the challenges he faces with a small squad with some injury problems: “I actually made a complaint to the National League last year and said that the amount of games that your asking players to play is beyond ridiculous. Sutton went to Yeovil last night with only 12 fit players and signed someone of the coach and that is a result of playing nine games in around 25 days.

“Also, the supporters having to pay ten quid, 15 quid to get in and expect to see the same intensity of football and it is just not possible. That is why tonight when you look at the performance that the players have put in knowing that they are right at the end of what they can do.

“The stats your seeing at training is incredible you’ve got Josh Taylor, Wes Fogden and Andy Drury all doing 12/13km a game and it will be interesting to see the stats tomorrow. Jonah Ayunga had 600 metres of sprinting within his 12km, it’s incredible some of the running stats that we have at this football club.

To conclude the interview Doswell then spoke on his sides very impressive start to the 2019/20 season: “At the moment second place is not that relevant, people are saying that we’ve had a great start, but I’m not bothered. We all know the situation and at the end of the day you can start getting excited when it gets to February and March if your still up there.

“It’s a good start for us but I’m not worried about what’s around us or who’s in front of us yet we have just got to make sure we keep on doing our job and at the moment we have been doing that.”

By Liam Rice (@Liam_Rice9)