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Havant and Waterlooville can confirm that they have tendered their withdrawal from the Portsmouth DFA Senior Cup for the 2023-2024 season.

At the time of releasing this statement, the club are yet to receive acknowledgement from the competition concerning the matter. However, following a statement released by Petersfield Town FC, our Quarter Final opponents, it is clear that the withdrawal has been accepted.

The decision to withdraw from the competition has not been taken lightly, and given that we have had to wait since the week commencing the 19th February 2024 to play the Quarter Final fixture. Whilst we concede that the inclement weather is no fault of anyone, there have been offers to reverse the tie to Westleigh Park in order to guarantee the game being played, which was also highlighted on social media by a good number of supporters of both clubs. Petersfield Town FC refused to do so, which is in their rights as the competition rules do not include a reversal of the tie at any stage of postponed matches due to weather.

Given this, and the possibility of playing games well into the third week of May, the club will be required by FA Regulations to meet the full contractual requirements of all members of the playing squad, which would mean a significant additional cost to the current season as all contracts would need to be extended.

Whilst, begrudgingly taking the decision to withdraw, we also look for the Portsmouth DFA to bring their competition rules in line with other Divisional FA and County FA’s in making it easier to play fixtures by including a reversal of the tie after two failed attempts due to weather conditions. In addition, the club would suggest playing fixtures earlier in the season to avoid congestion at the end of a campaign.

We now await the outcome of the withdrawal process from the Portsmouth DFA and as such are unable to make any further comment at this time.