Dear Hawks supporters,


I’m writing to appeal for your support. About a month ago, I set up a gofundme campaign with my daughter Freya with the aim of raising the £5,000 needed to form a charitable organisation to be known as The Hawks Community Foundation. At the time the Coronavirus pandemic hit the UK, the club had been working on an application to the Charities Commission. I, along with my Hawks supporting friends, Steve Murray and Ade Oakley had been asked to become trustees of this foundation alongside members of the current Hawks board, which when established will seek to develop the club’s work in our community.


In order to be eligible to apply for grants and public funding, the foundation needs official charitable status and Charity Commission rules state that an organisation needs £5,000 in the bank for its application to be considered. Initially, this was to be put forward from within the football club but understandably has had to be used to help to keep the club running at a time when all income streams have stopped.


To date, the gofundme campaign is just under £4,000 short of the target amount. We have been supported already by some Hawks supporters, former players and many of my family and friends as they recognise how important this is to us. We really need your support to reach the figure required please by 15th July for our application to be successful. If every Hawks season ticket holder gave just £10 we’d reach the figure easily. I know and recognise how hard it is for everyone at the moment financially but I am appealing to your kind nature.


The most famous moment in our history was the FA Cup run of 2007/08 and a legacy was that ‘Hawks in the Community’ was formed using some of the FA Cup revenue and providing coaching opportunities to local children and assisting with now established projects like the over 50’s walking football. This is another hugely significant moment in our history. The Club board and Manager are fighting to keep the Hawks afloat while facing potential revenue cuts of up to 60% through the loss of sponsorship etc. They have also done us proud in standing up to the National League and ensuring that our right to fight for promotion through the play-offs has been reinstated.


We can help now as supporters in coming together and raising the funds which will allow us to form The Hawks Community Foundation and apply for grants through public funding providers like the National Lottery and Sport England. We would be able to apply to run projects to support various groups of people in our community such as young people, the vulnerable and the elderly. We would also be able to apply for money to improve facilities around Westleigh Park for example. Until now, Havant and Waterlooville FC have never been able to attract funds through grant schemes and funding applications. We can change that and help the club and our community grow and thrive.


The Hawks Community Foundation can help to support the club by engaging with supporters and people of all ages in the borough of Havant through community projects by using the good name of Havant and Waterlooville Football Club and the power of football. We may not be able to attend matches for some time yet, but we can do some good and help the club we love. Together we can make sure the Hawks are at the heart of the community. We have until 15th July to make this happen. Please SUPPORT us: