From the Manager

Hawks Assistant Manager Ian Baird knows the magnetism of our game against Slough Town tomorrow, but insists it doesn’t define our season. 

Baird knows the tough test that the 2nd placed Rebels will provide, having lost in the FA Cup last year at Arbour Park, and will be looking to right that personal wrong this weekend.

The Hawks will also be looking to kick on in the league and surmount a run together ahead of the ultra important run of fixtures prior to the festive period.

Baird knows how big a game it is at the top of the table.

He said: “It’s a very important game.

“We’ve come up against Slough in the past with Sutton, much to our detriment, they’ve always done well against us.

“It will be a difficult game, we’ve had them watched, they’re in a rich vein of form and will be a difficult game for us.”

Following two leagues wins in the past two weeks, Baird hopes that this could be the start of a serious run, which is needed by any side looking to surmount a challenge to the top end of the table.

But, our opponents tomorrow are also enjoying a purple patch, meaning the ingredients are there for two confident sides trying to unstick one another.

“It will be two good teams that’s for sure.” Baird said. “Hopefully the weather stays as it is, which is barmy and not too much rain.

“We will be well prepared for it, as I said they are in a rich vein of form, are a really good side, well organised, have very good players.

“At this stage of the season, yes it is a tough game, but isn’t a game that will determine where we all are at the end of the season, but it would certainly be nice to get a victory.”

With Portsmouth not in action until Monday Night in the FA Cup, the Hawks number two is hoping that Blues fans with no plans for the weekend head down to Westleigh Park to create both a big crowd and a big atmosphere.

“That would certainly be good (a 2,000 crowd).

“The fans have so far this season, even from the first pre-season game here, they’ve been absolutely fantastic.

“We’ve been averaging around 1,250-1,300 people, with Pompey not having a game I hope that Pompey fans can get down here and I hope Pompey fans get to see us get a victory here.”